About Teresa

Teresa Wolande is a retired insurance and international risk management professional. Currently, she is using her expertise to help women through the transition into the fourth quarter of their lives. Through her experience as a working mother, she is leading the establishment of the Women’s Forum in the Naples, Florida area. The current goal of this group is to allow women to continue being productive after their careers have ended. Above all, this will also provide a setting that allows open conversation on how to face changes they experience.

Teresa graduated from the University of Iowa in 1983 with a BS in Economics. After time with the United States Federal Reserve, she accepted a management training position at a large insurance company. Her resume includes underwriting, product development, and insurance brokerage. As a result, she has worked with many well-known companies, such as Nike and United Airlines. During her time in the insurance industry, she found great support in a forum created for herself and others in similar professional roles. Consequently, it is that experience that helped steer the Women’s Forum she is currently organizing.

Her Vision

In short, since retiring in 2000, Teresa has continued to lend her expertise as a consultant as well as expanding her talent into other arenas. Wanting to move to something less demanding, Teresa created TMY Styles, which her family helped develop and manage.

Teresa Wolande
Teresa Wolande

To sum up Teresa Wolande has no plans of settling down. She has spent her life in business, advising on international risks, and caring for her family. Moreover, Retirement has allowed her to decide what legacy she can leave for her family and community. Subsequently, she has only become more focused on helping other women in this phase to continue their empowerment and share the experience. As part of Women’s Forum, Terry is helping to create groups that encourage philanthropy and ongoing growth.

Teresa Wolande’s Tips For Starting Your Own Business – Medium

Firstly, starting a small business can be both a daunting and exhilarating task. Doing anything for the first time is often accompanied by a fear of the unknown. Today, we have teamed up with consultant and champion of women’s forums in Florida, Teresa Wolande to dispel any fears you might have.

Growing Importance of creating Forum`s for Women

Women now have a real opportunity to participate in the global economy . Certainly, there has never been a better time to be a woman, but we can’t stop there. The necessity of creating spaces for women to share ideas, collaborate and create is crucial to sustaining this growth.

Teresa Wolande’s thoughts on Wildlife Preservation and what we can do to help – Medium

There are several critically endangered specials of animals and birds. Therefore, these animals have been gradually decreasing in population in nature, or facing extinction, due to our negative impacts. Biodiversity is important for the ecology to function properly, and all members or components of the ecology play an important role.