Florida is one of the states that should be on your radar – as a travel destination and potentially even as a place to retire, Teresa Wolande says. Florida has plenty to offer to travellers of any age – with its beautiful coastline, warm climate and plenty of fun outdoors activities. Not to mention the many good restaurants, bars, and world-famous theme parks, it has something for everyone.

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A gorgeous coastline and fabulous beaches

If you are looking for a state where the beach is always close, regardless of where you’re staying, Florida is ideal. With its beautiful coastline and white sand beaches, which are easily accessible from anywhere, Florida attracts travelers and retirees who enjoy the sea breeze, watching the waves, and relaxing in a beach bar in shorts, practically year-round. For people who are looking for spending more time in wild nature, the Nature Coast area on the Gulf coast is ideal.

The coastline also means that you have easy access to ports – and indeed, many cruises start in Florida, which is yet another reason to either visit it (combining a cruise trip with a week or two on Florida’s beaches) or relocate here.

Good weather year round

Florida is famous for its weather, and that’s one of the reasons it attracts many visitors and retired people alike, year-round – and especially in winter. And indeed, winters in Florida are mild – in fact, most of Florida practically never sees snow, except for a few towns in the northern part of it. The summers are warm and humid, and this is when Florida sees the highest rainfall averages. Although some retirees only decide to stay for the winter, many relocate here and stay year-round, Teresa Wolande explains. Nevertheless, you should be aware that Florida sees many storms and hurricanes, and that summers can get quite hot at times.

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Plenty of outdoors activities

Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, hiking, beach volleyball, and more – Florida has plenty to offer to those who like spending time outdoors, and who are looking for ways to spend their free time being physically active and enjoying fabulous views and gorgeous skies.

Lakes, rivers, and beaches make up for a beautiful scenery and a lush flora. Getting out there and enjoying all that Florida’s nature has to offer is easy, as Florida is relatively compact, and distances are not too big. Day trips to spots for hiking or snorkelling are easy to organize from many places.


Bird watching is something you should also consider doing in Florida, as there are plenty of opportunities to spot beautiful, rare birds, such as eagles, cranes, and even pink flamingos. Yes – in their natural habitat!

Birds are not the only wildlife you can spot in Florida. Teresa Wolande states that you could also catch a glimpse of the manatees who come to Florida in winter, or even see dolphins on both the Gulf and the Atlantic coasts.

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The Takeaway

Florida is a remarkable destination that has lots to offer to nearly anyone. It enjoys many visitors year-round, and especially in winter, which is Florida’s high season, Teresa Wolande points out. Many people decide to move to Florida once they retire, or to make it their base at least for the winter months. It offers a very good quality of life for practically any budget, in combination with outstanding healthcare options for seniors, and lots of activities for your free time.

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