Firstly, with an extensive background in the Insurance industry and a passion for helping others, Terry Wolande understands as well as appreciates the true value of a robust professional network. Importantly, Teresa understands that a well-established network directly correlates to success in your profession. Certainly, the easiest way to expand one’s network is to craft meaningful relationships with people you know. Subsequently, this includes friends and family, but more importantly, co-workers, colleagues, and clients.

When looking at what the future holds, Teresa knows that her Woman’s Forum will be her primary focus. Teresa has realized the importance and potential of the Woman’s Forum that she hosts. She experienced first-hand the positive effect that a forum like this can have on businesswomen. Because of this, giving back now to the next generation of women executives is of utmost importance.

To sum up, her professional career and life has been adventurous and successful thus far. Her Woman’s Forum has been set in place so that other women can have the same success and positive experiences that she has had. In conclusion, she would like to expand her network further and work with other people that share similar levels of passion and drive as her.

Teresa Wolande
Terry Wolande