To begin, Terry Wolande has had the pleasure of appearing in numerous media articles throughout the years. She believes that this kind of content is a great marketing tool for her business and women’s forum. She welcomes any future engagement to add to existing portfolio of press junkets.

Terry Wolande

On IdeaMensch and Inspirery, Terry Wolande spoke about her previous work history and involvement with women’s forums in the past. She emphasized the importance of these forums to her working career and life and is now trying to replicate the positive effects of these forums with her current work. Above all, the goal of this group is to allow women to continue their productivity post career. This forum will continue to provide a setting that allows open conversation on how to face changes they experience. Furthermore, she spoke about her current work as a consultant and her business. TMY Styles, which was developed and managed by her family, is her current hobby and focus post retirement. Subsequently, it offers her many of the same challenges she faced during her working career. However, in this setting she retains control and is able to enjoy the benefits of work and retirement simultaneously.

Similarly, she was also able to discuss the importance of travel in her life. Therefore, these trips have allowed her to develop great depth when it comes to her point of view and her ability to assess her surroundings. To sum up, the trips were a great way for her to gain a greater appreciation for everything in her life.


Teresa Wolande

For over 30 years Teresa Wolande worked as a high-level executive in the insurance industry. She traveled internationally for business with fortune 500 companies. Currently, in her retirement, she is working on projects that are more philanthropic, as her desire is to give back.

Teresa Wolande – Owner of TMY Styles

Teresa Wolande is a retired insurance and international risk management professional. She is using her expertise to help women through the transition into the fourth quarter of their lives. She is leading the establishment of the Women’s Forum in the Naples, Florida area.

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Teresa Wolande | Inspirery

Firstly, Teresa Wolande has been an insurance professional since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She has had a successful career working for several insurance companies, specializing in international risk management. Her resume includes underwriting, product development, and insurance brokerage.

Teresa Wolande

Teresa Wolande is a retired insurance and risk management professional. After a lifetime in the corporate world as a working mother. She now focuses on building a network of women helping women in different stages of life. Teresa has learned the value of taking time for yourself.

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Exploring our vast and beautiful world is a thrill that very few of us are lucky enough to experience with any regularity. Rather than sate one’s thirst, getting a taste for the wider world only seems to deepen most travelers’ hunger for further global journeys.

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